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About Me

I’m Akil Narayana, born & raised in Bangalore INDIA but a KIWI convert living in Wellington New Zealand for close to two decades. I started this blog site back in Dec 2018, although I did not contribute much to it after the first couple of posts. In June 2019 I lined up myself with a series of solo trips within NZ and wanted to start blogging about the trips as well as the journey of getting there. Thought I’d use that as a stepping stone to a bigger solo trip later in the year, so I could use the skill to take people on my journey with my words 🙂 So any feedback, comments, critics are always welcome.

Apart from travelling, I absolutely love a variety of things including cooking, snowboarding, photography, socialising, intellectual conversations, a good red or a nice stout or a doppio, organising events, meeting new people etc etc. 4 years ago I split up with my partner of 7 years & that completely changed the way I perceived life; as a result of which I quit my high paying consulting job to travel around the world, well mostly Europe, for a good six months. Honestly that was the best thing I could ever do and am glad I did it.Now I’m living it up every day and looking forward to something exciting again, and not a mundane routine life like most of us end up in, with or without our knowledge.

In Nov 2019, I packed my bags again for a longer travelling stint with the intention of making it to every inhabited continent on the planet, but after 7 months across North, Central and South America I got stranded in Morocco due to the pandemic. After waiting it out in London for 3 months I brought myself to Bangalore India to spend time with my folks, explore the local sights a bit and wait for the world to reopen.

Feel free to reach out to me to discuss about anything, literally anything; I’m an open book. My social media handles are displayed at the footer of this site, but if you want to email me, the form below should help.

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