South America welcomed me with an incredible story that I couldn’t “not share” with you all.

I arrived into Lima this morning and had to take a domestic flight to Cusco in 2hrs. As luck would have it the immigration line was so long that I was pretty nervous of missing the flight. Somehow before the boarding commenced I made it past immigration, but when I arrived at the security check for domestic gates I saw the huge lines and gave up hope. With 11 minutes remaining for take off I cleared the security but in that hurry I had to grab all my stuff including my backpack, tech bag, jacket and the iPad I had removed for the scan. I took all of those and ran to the gate with 8minutes remaining, but the gate was closed off and the flight was on the tarmac.

The lady at the counter told the earliest she could put me on was a flight at 3pm which I couldn’t afford to take because I had a train to Machu Picchu at 4.10pm. She told me there’s a flight at 10.05am but I needed to run ‘out’ to the airlines desk, change the ticket n make it back through security. I ran my butt off, made out through the security back-gate, went to the airlines desk and was waiting for my turn. Meanwhile as I waited I thought I’d look up for air tickets online and as I dug into my tech bag to pull out my iPad, to my surprise I found that it wasn’t there. In a moment of rush I checked everything that I had,but couldn’t find it anywhere. I could not afford to lose it as it had all the trip memories, unpublished blogposts, videos etc

I ran to the info desk who suggested to go to the lost n found office. Stefanie, the officer there, made a few phone calls and told it wasn’t there anywhere. I ran back to every single point I had made a stop, at security exits, airlines offices and departure gate but to no avail. Completely disheartened I said to myself there’s no point crying over spilt milk. The $1500 iPad Pro is now history, I have loads of travel to do and can’t let this affect my journey. I took the details from lost and found office, said to myself that if at all it was to be found over the next few days I’ll fly back to Lima to collect it. With that in I went to the airlines office, and $200 later I got myself a new ticket to Cusco and let my mind rest about the iPad.

I went back to the lost & found office to lodge a complaint for my insurance claim and in an incredible stroke of luck, Stephanie recognised me and mentioned that the iPad was found and it was on its way there soon. I couldn’t believe what she just said. I’m generally not a person who believes in lucks and miracles; always believe that a series of events occurring at a certain coincidence of time leads to all the outcomes. But at that moment, I put all my pragmatism aside, hugged the security lady and thanked my stars. More than the price of the loss it was the content in it, that was irreplaceable.

I could not believe what had just happened in the last 4hours. I was ready to keep going on my journey, accepting the loss. I had some quick moves to make in a very short span of time and in the end it all fell in place albeit the $200 that I had shell out. I’m generally an extremely careful traveller but it goes on to show that even the most careful can be vulnerable to certain situations. However in that moment it’s always the “react vs respond” theory that comes into play. React n panic or respond calmly and handle the situation. I’ve always been the latter and today was a classic example of that !!!