Usually when you hear about any waterfall in any region,  you kind of somehow know about it. And when it is something as beautiful as the Rere Falls, then you’d definitely know about it. Or so you would think, right ?? Rere Falls is probably the most famous and most gorgeous waterfalls in the Gisborne region that not many people would have heard of. Add to that, it has the world’s largest natural rockslide just a kilometre upstream, making it even more popular than otherwise, yet it is not well known as much as it should be. What’s a natural rockslide you may ask. Imagine a slide at the playground, now imagine it to be 60 meters long and then imagine it’s made of smooth rock and water flowing over, slowly it from the river’s mouth and finishing in the pool below. That’s exactly what this natural rockslide is.

I had looked up about Rere Falls a couple of days before I made it into Gisborne. But left it until the last minute to head there. Once again it was something that was taken for granted, thinking that it’s right there and I’ll head up soon after I finish with the other spots. Also considering it was about 50kms west of Gisborne I was skeptical about spending 2hrs driving all the way and back. Eventually around midday on a lovely and hot Sunday afternoon I made my way towards Rere. A few kilometres out of Gissy, when you turn towards Rere and drive for a few kms, you come across numerous hills and valleys. So beautiful are these valleys that it makes you click a million photos at every corner. The only caveat is that majority of the drive is a single lane with no place to pull over on the side, for a quick stop to take any pics. It’s one of those drives that you just have to enjoy with your eyes and smile away to yourself thinking how beautiful of a country New Zealand really is !! 

Anyway, about 40kms later & 12kms past the Eastwoodhill Arboretum, a short sign post saying Rere Falls Reserve showed up and as I turned left into the reserve and made my way downhill, the sound of the waterfall made me go wow straight away;  within a few meters the waterfall was visible too !! I mean a drive way that lead straight to the bottom of the waterfall..How insane.. Where would you find something so natural and right outside your car door !! It’s not some run-of-the-mill tap-like waterfall either. It’s a good 40 foot drop, 200ft wide that makes a lovely roaring noise, with a road that passes right above the fall.. To say it’s amazing is an understatement. What surprised me the most was the on a gorgeous hot Sunday like that, there was a not a single soul in sight !! I mean do people don’t know about it or just don’t appreciate what’s in your own backyard?? 

To make this spot even more beautiful, just a couple of kms up the road from the waterfall is probably what’s the world’s largest natural rock slide. It says that the famous Rere Rock Slide is New Zealand’s longest naturally occurring slide, but I think it’s the world’s largest 🙂 Offering 60 metres of pure adrenaline, it is perfect for the thrill seeker looking for a unique experience. I didn’t have the gear to do it myself but was lucky enough to witness a couple of people do so 🙂 The one time I really said to myself “I wish I had..” Haha !! 

The location of Rere Falls was just so nice, serene and quiet that it became the blogging spot for the day. I sat there and wrote this post straight away while having some thoughts. Every time I come across something as naturally beautiful as this waterfall or the rockslide in NZ, my love for this country only grows more & more; making me feel grateful for everything NZ has offered for the last 16years. Something that a lot of us fail to do so i..e, being thankful for what we have and what we are, instead we keep searching for that something that we don’t have or that something that we don’t even know what it is. I do know a lot of them realise this but at a stage when it’s way too late in life. The only thing that you can do then is to look back and say “I wish I had….” !!

Below’s a gallery of the waterfalls and HERE is a video of the Gisborne trip..