Kaiteriteri – You’d surely be wondering what on earth does that name mean or is it just a Maori proper noun !! I definitely wondered what it was and when I tried to find  out, well I really couldn’t. The closest I came to figuring out was that it meant something along the lines of “Drifting Food” !! But I couldn’t be sure. Anyway, this post isn’t about elaborating the meaning of the name right. This little coastal town, is easily one of my most favourite places in the country. It’s great for camping, great for kayaking and has an incredible golden sandy beach. Water can get a little on the colder side but if you are here during the summer then nothing like it really. Most people use this town as a stop over to get to Split Apple Rock, which is fair enough but it’s definitely got to be much more than just a pit stop.

Again as mentioned in the Nelson Lakes Post, the last time I was here was with my brother and it was an amazing experience with him. We had hired a double sea kayak and made our way to Split Apple Rock from Kaiteriteri beach. It took a good 45 mins to get to the rock and when we did, we just ‘parked’ the kayak on the bay and enjoyed the shallow waters for a long time. After which we made our way back to the beach; it was a huge mission that day cuz the winds had picked up and the water had gotten very choppy. There were times when we felt the kayak could have tipped over. But eventually after a lot of muscle effort and some grit, we made it back to the shore without much drama.

Anyway this time around, I thought I’d kayak again but given I had to drive back later that arvo I didn’t want to tire myself, lest I fall asleep at the steering wheel 🙂 Instead I just enjoyed what Kaiteriteri had to offer. There was some mini fund raising fair by the beach with a lot of kids around; enjoyed watching them in action. Walked around by the beach and just enjoyed the “ME” time..There was a also a short hike to a ‘look out’ point which hardly took anytime. Went up there and there was the ‘aerial view’ of this tiny town. On the way up found “Wasp Traps” that said “Do Not Disturb” haha !! And also guess what, as funny as it sounds this little town had a little one of its own called Little Kaiteriteri !! Aren’t these cute? Things that you can find only in New Zealand huh. That’s what makes this country so adorable in a lot of ways.

After spending time at the town centre, I thought I’d go up close to the Split Apple Rock but this time drive to it. It was only a 4km drive from the centre followed by a short 20min hike. And when I reached there, yet again it blew me away. There was not a single person at sight, for a while at least and the nature was in all its glory. The silence of the winds, the sounds of the waves and blue skies & water were all just just magical. After almost close to 2 hrs, I made my short hike back to the car and started to drive back home. Which is when I passed through Motueka and the whole episode of unplanned skydiving started !!