Have you ever wondered what the sound of nature truly is like? If you think you can hear the birds chirping or if you think you can hear the waves of the ocean hitting against the rocks by the bay or if you think you can hear the breeze, you may be partially right. Of course all this needs to be coupled with no noise pollution from the city, like the sound of the vehicles or machinery or just loads of people, correct?? Now imagine all the sounds I mentioned i.e., the birds, the waves and the wind.. and surround yourself by giant snow peaked mountains, low lying clouds and just the purity in the air !! That’s exactly how it is to be in either of the lakes at Nelson Lakes National Park region.. Either at Lake Rotoiti or at Lake Rotoroa (yes you read it right, not Rotorua) in the Nelson Lakes district.

This was my 4th time at Lake Rotoiti and hands down this is my most favourite spot in all of New Zealand. If there’s one place in the country where I’d like to pitch a tent for the rest of my life, it has to be Lake Rotoiti. There’s something so magical about this place that no words can describe what it feels like. You have to be there in person and experience it yourself to know what it is like. Of course it might not the be the same to you as it is to me, cuz an “exhilarating experience” is relative to the individual and everyone feels their own thing, but I bet you’ll surely appreciate the moment when you are there. 

The Nelson Lakes district is about a 100km drive from Nelson and just like all other beautiful drives in New Zealand, this drive is equally as beautiful. It gets particularly more scenic and isolating, once you detour off State Highway 6 and drive into the inroads. The last time I drove here was with my brother, while he drove I enjoyed the scenery around. But this time I got to do both the driving and the enjoying !! It was a li’l cloudy but still as awesome as it could be. The lush green spread, the majestic southern alps along with some beautiful soul music playing in the car made it all the more enjoyable. I wish I could stop and take photos at every single turn or every time I went WOW !! I’d easily run out of time and probably the memory on my phone as well.

Lake Rotoiti is near St.Arnaud town and has the bigger camping/recreational area than the other ond. Last time I was here, it was so calm and serene that my brother and I kayaked here for a good hour or so and wanted to do more, only if we weren’t stretched for time. This time however it was a bit windy and cold as well but still as beautiful. So I decided to drive to the other lake this region is famous for, the Lake Rotoroa which was about 40kms away. As I made my way the sun started to peek through the clouds and made it for a lot more enjoyable drive. Once I reached Lake Rotoroa, there was absolutely no one in the vicinity. Ah well except for this solo travelling girl from Malaysia who was enjoying the serenity and the peace at the lake, until I went and disturbed her. Oh man, what an amazing story she had to tell !! The joys of travelling alone and picking up conversations with random people, can do this for life. Anyway without elaborating on that too much, we both exchanged some great stories before we headed our ways. And a couple of hours of driving, I made it back to Nelson to crash for the night, with yet another “sweet as” memories for life 🙂

Here are some pics of the lakes and the drive to them…

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