So this is something that gets on my nerves when anyone tells me that there’s nothing to do in Wellington. The first thing I respond back to them is “Do you know what you actually want to do” before commenting that there’s nothing to do..A lot of my friends, particularly ones from the subcontinent, make this terrible comment time and again. Now not because I have lived in Wellington for 16 years nor because I’m a Wellingtonian at heart, but this city truly is the best city in the world to live in, in my opinion. I mean where else on earth can you start your day at 9am working in a highly paid white collar job, get through all your other business in a working day because everything in the CBD is within a walking distance, get your daily dose of exercise at the waterfront, play your weekly indoor sports at one of the WIS sheds and then be back home by 6pm !! It’s a dream for a lot of people in other cities in the world to just go to work and be back home by 6pm, let alone do anything else. People in big cities like London, New York, Sydney, Hong Kong etc spend hours to just commute every day from home to work. 

A lot of complainants don’t realise what really is here and the convenience of the city they actually live in. It’s always about looking for that something in the city that doesn’t exist. These in general are the same people who always look for something in their lives which they don’t have. And at the end of it, they all end up making a living and forget the make a life !! While this might be the case with a vast majority of them, not just the ones who complain but in general a whole lot of them and it’s true… Anyway back to Wellington, yes this city doesn’t have a million malls, doesn’t have a million Indian restaurants, etc etc but if you pick up an interest in doing something, there’s no better place that’s more convenient and comfortable to do so. Find out from all your friends who play weekend cricket what distances they travel to play a game, and compare the same with someone in Auckland or Sydney. Find out from your friends who surf, paraglide, fly a plane and no one would take more than 40mins to get from where they are to do what they want. There are a billion meet up groups which caters for every single interest that one can think of, join one of those.. There are dozens of cafes and restaurants with different cuisines, all within a stone’s throw away, but only if you open your eyes to beyond what you eat and do on a regular basis you’ll discover these places !! 

Please don’t sit on your butts and pass some vague comments about nothing to do. Instead think really what is that you want to do and you’ll find a way. Living in Wellington makes it all the more easier for you to do that. I’ve always loved this quip – If it is important you’ll find a way, if not you’ll find an excuse. This applies to a plethora of things in life. Sitting and complaining won’t help. I mean I know of people who want to move cities because of this ‘nothing to do here’ reason.  All I mention to them is that unless their attitude to life changes, the place is not going to make any difference. If you move to Melbourne and want to try nothing more than an Indian take away, in time you’ll complain that there is nothing to do in Melbourne either. Unless you make an effort to get out of your comfort zone to find and do something that you normally do not, any city in the world is going to be boring no matter how many times you move. 

Now I know a lot of them won’t agree with what I say. Yes you don’t have to agree cuz this is an opinion. You are entitled to have your own opinions too. But please don’t complain about what this city does not have to offer. If you hate so much please find another city to move to. Why be a hypocrite, take everything the city has to offer yet back stab it !! Yes this is not India. Yes this is not Auckland, Yes this is not a cheap place to live in, Yes it’s windy and cold here.  And all of that is due to a reason. And that reason is what makes Wellington the coolest little capital in the world. I’ve made a list of all the cities around the world that I have been to so far and that is about 175 of them, including 42 capital cities. And I couldn’t agree more with Wellington being the coolest little capital as well as one of the most liveable cities in the world.

Well that’s my rant of the weekend !! Go on pass your comments now 🙂

Cover Photo – by Wolf Zimmermann on Unsplash