And thus it’s only taken about 7 months to get my next blog post going. Ah well, does it matter?  When you do think of writing, something or the other comes in the way. Or rather I let them come in the way so I don’t have to write. But hopefully this attitude of mine can change and I can at least commit to writing one post a month if not more.  With a few domestic solo travel plans lined up, I thought I could use those getaways to take people on my journey, which eventually will build up into a bigger journey planner later in the year. For now I had to start writing again and get back into the groove of it.
This post is a stab at a different genre – Healthy Eating. No ! It doesn’t go into the intricacies of all forms of healthy eating nor does it become too philosophical about food. Just some plain thoughts on paper about a habit that I picked up from my folks.

Now not everyone’s lucky enough to have parents who take great care of themselves when it comes to their health; not just because they want to stay healthy but for another reason that they don’t want to feel they are troubling anyone else due to their health issues. But the most important reason of them all is that despite any of these mentioned reasons, if they don’t stay healthy, they themselves are the ones who have to go through all the pain of it., should anything happen. While it’s easy to say I can get myself sorted at the hospital if I have to, money cannot really buy the relief when one goes through a painful period. And as someone wisely said “Prevention is better than cure” this clearly applies when you start ageing. This has struck a chord with my folks and for the last decade or so they have been very disciplined about their way of life. This in itself is an amazing inspiration for a lot of people who know them. And watching them closely the last few years I couldn’t be left out being inspired by what they do and how they manage. I’ll perhaps have a separate post about their routine which I can only hope that will benefit someone somewhere. I’ve borrowed a few tips from their schedule and this post is about that.

So for the last few years my folks have been raving about this grain called “Millet” and how healthy it is when consumed on a daily basis. I wasn’t aware of that grain nor heard about it at all until they started to consume it regularly and kept mentioning it to me. And like any middle aged human being I’d always turn a deaf ear to anything parents say right? I mean we think we know it all and easily ignore their advise and live our own way. You do it too. Admit it 🙂 

Anyway if you don’t know what Millet is, just google it. You’ll find a whole raft of information about it, the benefits, ways to cook etc etc. But  to save you from all the reading you need to do here’s my summarised version – Millet is essentially a whole grain that is very high in fibre and low in calories. Without going into the technicalities of it nutritional content, it is an excellent substitute for any form of rice, quinoa or cous cous. And because of its high fibre content it has an amazing ability to clear your digestive system very well and over a period of time you can feel the difference yourselves. Now why do I mention about the digestive system? Only because whatever we eat has to flow through the entire digestive system and the more unhealthier we eat the more these get stuck along the way within our bodies before they can exit out. While most of it makes its way out, over a period of time the bad ones gets stuck along the way. Which in all honesty is the main culprit of a variety of things including gaining weight, feeling lethargic and also the cause for a whole load of diseases including cancer. I’m not making this up and it gets more technical & complex than what I’ve mentioned but trust me reading plentiful, watching videos and most importantly observing my parents’ way of life has given me a whole lot of insights about watching what goes inside my body.

Remember YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT. And all of us load our tummies with whatever we want on a regular basis. How many of us really follow a disciplined way of eating, even if we take up something like Keto, Low Carb, Gluten Free, IF diets etc etc. Even if we are extremely enthusiastic about following a certain dietary pattern, something or the other comes in our way and we easily detract and fall into the routine. I followed the 8-16 IF Diet for a good 12 months or so and then my Mom visited me and thus it all fell apart 🙂 Anyway, I’m not a big fan of following any diets for an extended period of time and always believe in consuming anything in moderation. “Never over do anything” is what I follow and this applies to what I eat as well.

So what’s the bottom line? As a challenge to self, I’ve got rid of all forms of rice & bread from my pantry and instead I’ve stocked it with Millets. Foxtail Millets to be more precise. Meaning that, apart from the carbs in fruits & veggies the only other carb source for a foreseeable future would be through Millets. Add to that for the last 2+ weeks I’ve stopped any form of dairy or added sugar (99% at least) from within my diet. It’s been a good 2 weeks or so now and as they say, if you do something for 21 days it’s bound to turn into a routine. Yes ! Keeping my fingers crossed for now or the next 7 days at least.