Why blog? What’s in it for me? Who reads? Who even cares?

Well well am sure most of you have had these questions in mind when it comes to blogging and then while you overthink about it, you just scroll down on your Facebook feed before hitting the sack and knocking off for the day.  A ton of thoughts run in our heads each night and it’s been no different for me either. Every night when I rest my head on the pillow I do think about a lot of things and one among them is to pen down (or rather type down) my thoughts on paper so others can read and relate to it too; often it’s so true that I’m not the only one.

It’s been a long time in the making and like everything else it’s always a lot of speculation about making a start, let alone starting it slow. Nevertheless without giving it a go you never know what’s in it for you or what you might feel about it. So with that point in mind, I thought of creating this blog site so I could share a few things that I have come across, travel experiences, express my opinions about things that matter to me or has affected me in my own ways or just write some random load of crap; no one’s judging me correct? It would be good to get you all to read the little blurbs I plan to write and probably comment, opine or just don’t give a rat’s a$$.

So, recently coming off a kick ass travel break across a bucket load of countries – 33 of them to be precise, I was asked about a whole load of things before, during and after my travels – everything from my plans to my itineraries, modes of transport, people I encountered, country/city specific information, types of food etc. I thought I could use that as a base and start off my ‘second’ blog-post after posting this one and setting some realistic goals one post a week should be achievable.

If any of you have anything particular you want me to share about, do leave a comment or two about what you’d like to know and I’ll surely make an attempt to write about it at some stage 🙂 Adios everyone.. Hopefully some interesting contents on their way…